Mr. Jigar Trivedi

CEO & Founder

Jigar's professional career started at the age of 18. He is now empowering doctors and hospitals to grow their businesses by providing tech solutions with his offering EasyMedi.

Right from working as a database administrator, to managing a recording studio, to strategic planning and brand building in the financial sector, Jigar Trivedi is now empowering doctors and hospitals to grow their businesses by providing tech solutions. He has leveraged his network - developed over the years in the healthcare sector to build the clientele for EasyMedi, one of the most successful solutions he has built under the VNJ Innovations roof. Jigar comes with extremely strong analytical skills and logical reasoning which enables him to tackle difficult situations with ease in order to drive organizations towards success. A visionary with a focused approach, Jigar works towards long term goals with a purpose to build organizations that leverage technology to revolutionize the way we execute our daily activities.

Building and leading great teams has been Jigar's passion. He believes in sharing knowledge and skills to empower his people and has successfully led teams of professionals across departments. Jigar believes in taking ownership and guiding his team contributing to very low attrition levels during his work tenure. His attitude to constantly improve processes helps him to drive teams towards high levels of productivity.

Jigar intends to do all that is humanly possible for the society. He wishes to spread ideas and knowledge he has acquired over the decades through his experiences in life and his profession. Road blocks or challenges have never stopped him from achieving what he believes in.

“Ideas are more often born out of casual discussions than organized brainstorming sessions.”